YOLY Challenge #26: Give and You Shall Receive


“We are here to learn with one another, through one another and for one another. If you feed the garden, you will be fed.” – Goswami Kriyananda

A wonderful creed to live by, this wise nugget has been with me ever since my initial yoga teacher training. For me, it goes along with another set of wise words that I find to be true.

“You practice yoga for your students and you teach for yourself.”

Although it seems counter-intuitive, this statement is rich in meaning. As I get on my mat each day, I am exploring and expanding my knowledge and awareness not only of the postures but of my abilities and my resistances. My practice is my school where I discover new ways of approaching and describing yoga.

Each time I encounter revelations in my own practice, I share them with you here and in my classes. As I teach, I see the ways in which my theories affect you.  Feedback on the blog as well as in class gives me the incentive to keep teaching.  Through your responses, I find my purpose.  It does not matter whether it is positive or not so positive feedback, I am still learning and evolving.

So, your challenge this week is to give. We all have talents that we can share.  Maybe it is just your words or your baking skills or your love of reading.  Give something that comes from your heart – something that you have discovered about life or yourself. It can be a very small act.

Then wait for the feedback.